Matlab Space Invaders!!! [^__^]


This is my second Matlab game. It’s not a big deal, but I have learn quite a lot working on it.

Now I’m starting to structure the code into different parts dedicated to specific things. One part for controlling, another for rendering, and last one for physics (which include lasers and explosions). I’m not doing anything new, this things are too basic in the industry, but it’s funny finding them by myself.


The scope is to develop a structure that allows me go into more different games without changing too much in the code, and I’m starting to have something like an skeleton for games in Matlab.

The most important feature I have learned througth the years is using object oriented programming to asist game. Because in that way code gets more simple.

You can find my code in Matlab file Exchange, enjoy it!!

And now… The big question, why work on programming games in Matlab? It’s clear that Matlab is to slow to do good games due to the way it works. Matlab scripts have to be interpreted into JAVA code and run on a JAVA Virtual Machine. That makes code go as slow as a snail!!!

The question it’s easy, because it’s difficult, and doing it you learn new things and makes you challenge the limits of the system.

As an example of why doing this, I’m going to show you a project that took 3 years to be complete. Portal game in a TI-83 calculator. Probably useless, but for us is beautiful how far you can go with this limited system, and how many things you can take from the game and it’s still the same game.

Hmmmm almost forgot…. Pokemon!



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