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Embed MS-DOS games.

We have mention many times the Internet Archive, and how it keeps a database of movies, music, games… specially, MS-DOS games. Well, now it seems it is possible to embed the MS-DOS games into tweets, and yes, into webpages too. So, I use this opportunity to put in one place some of the MS-DOS games I love.

Like Prince of Persia?

I was very bad with the Prince of Persia and never managed to finish it. But I was quite good with the Great Escape, and manage to escape several times (at that point I didn’t knew English at all).

I have to admit that I never played this game to the end until a couple of weeks ago. Gateway is not only a game, but the first novel of the Heechee saga (which I love), written by Frederik Pohl. The game is nice, but quite linear, and at some points it is easy to understand what to do, but in other parts there is no other way around, you need to check a walkthrough.

This one has survived the years and nowadays is still playable in most smartphones…. although, with different names. Enjoy Bust-A-move.

Obviously, any list can’t be complete without Pac-Man.

There are more games, but it will be too much for a single post, so I will finish this small list with a classic. SimCity.

Star Trek The Original Series vs Borg.

I’m going to watch Into Darkness. And I left you this amateur video of how it could be Kirk (I mean, the original Kirk) against the Borgs… Enjoy!


This is a short exploration into chiptunes.

Let’s start with this, you will enjoy it. Portal 2 ending theme covered with 8 bit music.

Yes, that’s it, this post is about 8-bit music. Becuase I found a great editor, it’s called Farmitracker.

And what does this program? FamiTracker is a free Windows tracker for producing music for the NES/Famicom-systems. And the most interesting part is it’s NSF-file exporting. That allows music created in this tracker to be played on the real hardware, or even for for use in your own NES-applications. O_O Nice nice!!

To get this program, just go to the downloads webpage and get the source of the latest version. Unzip and install.

And since I’m terrible with music, here you have some tutorials. Enjoy them!

There is a nasty noise during all the video (crappy PC mirophone).

This guy know what he is doing.

The funny thing is that this sounds better than many actual games!!

And the last video.

And now, I gave you a short list of 8-bit composers to inspire yourselves.

. Electronic musician whit many actuations over the world. Not only dedicated to 8-bit covers for games, but have some songs.

rushjetRushJet1 His pictures says everything. Has many covers and you can download them in it’s webpage.

Tsu Ryu. Descibed as Electronic/Chiptune musician and cartoonist. doesn’t have music on his webpage, but have a very active youtube channel with nice music, like this.

logoJake Kaufman. This is a big man in this busines. He has his own Wikipedia page. His webpage is a very interesting blog with many entries. Take one minute or two to check it out.

C-jeff. It’s not the kind of music you will find in games, but it’s nice. he is also one of the founders of

And I’m not sure about what it is, but have things as cool as this two (listen to the tracks).

And this one:

And this one is part of a project called Noise Channel, a radio channel to explore chiptune music.


And that’s all for today. Want more? Here is more!!

Arcadia for Orbiter.

Yesterday I was trying to find this ship inside the Hangar mods, but I couldn’t. Now here it is the Arcadia. (download it here).

This is how it looks like.