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Tangible media group

The Tangible media group at MIT has implemented a surface capable of doing some extraordinary tricks.

That design backs to 2014… so this is a preview of what this technology is able to do now.

Amazing… it reminds me of chambers in Portal.

Haptic interface: Haptoclone

The future of technology goes through new interfaces. It is simply no possibly to keep within the actual modes of interfacing, we have to go beyond, and this is maybe a glimpse of what it could be. A combination of 3D images and ultrasounds to transmit images and “touch”.

To read more: Makino Lab.

Top 10 memes

At the moment I’m reading the part of the “Selfish gene” where Richard Dawkins speaks about memes as the new replicators, so this is quite convenient. Say hello to Top10Memes


I really enjoy the Portal one

but what really surprised me is the one about Futurama (I love the series).

Something to improve your background on comics…

I don’t put too much about The Simpsons in this blog, but they had an incredible impact in our world, so they deserve to be here.

Hey! it will not be complete without Zelda

and of course Dragon Ball








But always, and over everything…. Lego