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Toyota, Pepsi, Nike and Tonny Hawk, all love Back to the Future

Tomorrow will be the day when Doc and Marty travels to the future…


… and in order to celebrate, Toyota has released very funny commercials reuniting them together once again.

However, it is not the only taking advantage of this. Pepsi is also releasing a special bottle.

Nike made the Nike Mag after people claiming for them.

And of course, there has been many attempts of Hover boards.

If you know of some other things made after the film, share!

By the way. Will the Cubs win as predicted? They are pretty close…

The Eaton Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Located at the University of California, Riverside, there is the biggest Science Fiction and Fantasy book collection ever. Welcome to the The Eaton Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy.


The Hystory:

  • By 1955 Dr. J. Lloyd Eaton was the owner of one of the biggest private collections of science fiction and fantasy literature.
  • In 1969 UCR’s University buys the collection, about 7,500 hardback editions of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
  •  The collection reached 8,500 volumnes by 1975.
  • From a 1517 edition of Thomas More Utopia to recent comic books, the collection has now more the 100,000 volumes and is considered the biggest public collection in the world.

The award:

The collection has become so important, that there is an award called the J. Lloyd Eaton Memorial Award. From 1979 to 2001 it was deserved by the “best critical book of each year”. From 2008 it is given after a lifetime dedicated to sci-fi, recognizing “contributions of lasting significance to the field”. Guess the winners in 2011? Ray Bradbury, Frederik Pohl, Samuel R. Delany, and Harlan Ellison. For 2012 it was Ursula K. Le Guin.

The 10 most rarest which most cool is…

2. Spockanalia. The first media fanzine (fanzine based on a mainstream media).


Hope you like it!









What? More?

Ok, here it is.


Sheldon Cooper T-shirts

T-shirts worn by Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) on The Big Bang Theory, by episode, Seasons 1-6. By Riptapparel.


The Baywheux Tapestry – Doctor Who Tapestry

You want buy this 6 square feet tapestry of Doctor Who? It is available here.


tapestry_final_cartel2 tapestry_final_cartel4

Fangirl Quest

Today I bring you a ver nice project: Fangirl Quest.


Basically, this is a blog about finding the locations that appear in some TV series and movies and take a shoot there with the photogram that was taken there.


Doctor Who!





Harry Potter!



Spaceships which one is the fastest?

Two of the most visited posts in this blog are about spaceships sizes. Did you remember… Sci-Fi Ships Size. Which is the bigger? And EVE Online Ship Sizes ?

Today I bring you a javascript animation to show which spaceship is fastest. Enjoy! (Click on image to follow link).


Neko Time!!! =^_^= Forbidden Planet.

I have a new house mate in the house. Another physic and also working in the same place. Nice, very nice.
I made an agreement with him yesterday. I will show him London and different museums, pubs, street artists, shops… and in exchange, he will go with me to several geek shops and will help me to translate kanjis and explain the meaning to me.

So yesterday, after the visit to the museum….

I’m only putting pictures of unseen objects, for a review of British museum, you can go to this Neko Time.

For instance, this is the Egyptian symbol for coffee time.


Or this is the Go game, which we found in the Korean exhibition and my friend was explaining to me.

And if you keep your eyes open, you can see that the Romans played D&D. Here you can see their dices.


In fact, there is a few games in the museum from different times, like mouse playing trumpets, or small dolls.


And this is the last. If you look into the books exposed, you can find something so rare and valious as this:

And now… for the geek stuff.
The shop I wanted to explore this time is called….

fp-logoForbidden Planet is a bookshtore chain acroos Uk and United States, and has been working since 1976. The original Forbidden Planet was splited into two companies called Forbidden Planet and Forbidden Planet Scotland (later renamed Forbidden Planet International). We went to the main store located in London, in Shaftesbury Avenue (which is also very close to the British museum). If you are interested in some hystory about the shop and the complete list of shops around the world, you can visit this wikipedia link.
Before starting the visit to the shop, I must put something to those people who never saw “The forbidden planet”, the sci-fi horror movie. Here it is:

One can see quite a lot of glitches to other Sci-fi films… jajajajaja

Ok ok, so fginally, here is the shop. This is the one located in Shaftesbury Avenue.


It’s in quite good location, because it is near Picadilly Circus and it’s not so close that it is full of people. For a short list of other shops in UK, visit their webpage. (They have another one in Croydon, maybe I can go and take a look…).
From the outside of the shop, one can see that this is going to be a special place for geeks. These are the things I choose from there. First, Adventure Time. Imprescindible in each gamer vocabulary… I mean, one can not concentrate all his attention in gaming, we need to watch something at the same time, and Adventure Time is it rigth now.



The next one is something that is a cult. Portal started as a short game, an spin-off from Half-Life 2 and suddenly has become more popular than Half-Life itself. And for those who didn’t know, this is the replica of the Portal Gun. I need to clarify something for young people. After the first game and before being commercial, people started to made replicas themselves, and was that phenomenon which suggested the owners of the franchise to sell replicas. So, next time you like one game or something in particular, think about that.


I think that the next one is quite hilarious. You can compare the angry batman whit the smiley Doctor Who…. It’s like Batman is about to kick your ass and Doctor Who will enjoy watching. jajajajaja Sorry fans of both franchises, but it was funny. I must admit that before coming to the UK I was a complete stranger to Doctor Who, but now I feel a kind of respect for such a long series. But you must admit that the Deloream is more cool time machine than the Tardis.


Ok, Batman is cool, but I will never put such thing in my house… but the next one is different. I like it quite a lot, it’s Orthanc, the Sarum’s tower in Isengard, from Lord of The Rings. I think that the trees has been done in a very good way. Amazing.

Ok, enough from the outside, let’s go inside (not only to see the goods, also because I needed to buy something for a friend who like Zelda, and also something for M.E. (Mysterious Explorer), was a I promise…).

I must admit that my friend was not the right person for this exploration, because I was like O_O OMG I like everything, an he was like “Is Star Wars still famous?” (My reaction was… T_T). But he must admit that he enjoyed the lightsabers.

I think that the picture above has little bit of what every fan of Star Wars will like. R2D2, a Satr destroyer, figures from the films, an AT-AT, ligth sabers… Not enough? How about this cool stuff I hope to buy someday?

I was looking for a cool headphones for a long time (I had to shel my massively expensive Nixon ones some time ago to be able to come back…), and this ones are what I was looking for.
Can’t wait to have them…
The next… sorry but I have to do the joke….. this ARE the droids you’re looking for

90001.jpg.size-600_maxheight-600_square-trueThat will look amazing in my house. It doesn’t matter where (in front of  TV, next to computer, on the kitchen…). They look awesome everywhere.

My idea was to link here some of the books, but there is so many cool stories in the expanded universe that I cannot choose one. You must look for yourselves and choose what kind of stories fit you better.

I must say that the collection of spaceships they have is not quite impressive. I also shell mine long ago, but I use to have better ships than the ones they have on-line. Fortunately, the on-line catalogue is not representative of what they have on the shop. Because I found this thing in the shop but couldn’t locate it on-line.

COOL!! It’s one of the best I have ever saw. Carrie Fisher you have seduced more people than any other actress.

Ok ok, keep going (if you want more Star Wars, read this post). Next stop…. MINECRAFT. jajajaja I think that every minecraft player will want one of these. It’s another example of thing that players started to fabricate and then it became a part of the merchandize of the game.


Hmmmm ok, maybe too geek for some people. But the next one is something I want to send as a gift to someone (hope she didn’t reads this =P). It’s a dimond from Minecraft.


And just in case… If you read it and is no longer a surprise… I can still choose from the bast Studio Ghibli offer they have. Or as in other occasions, take something from Tim Burton (like this ;) ). jajajaja I have enough possibilities to surprise you. =P

And now something that I don’t know how to feel about…



I’m really not sure that this toy will be interesting for people. I mean, I like Big Bang Theory, but I don’t see the point on these figures.
Ok, let’s put something that most of the people that read this blog will like… LEGO!
Because in this shop you will have most of the movie -based sets.  Like Pirates of the Caribben.
2307688.jpg.size-285_maxheight-285_square-trueHarry Potter…
2307770.jpg.size-285_maxheight-285_square-trueThe Hobbit….
95395a.jpg.size-285_maxheight-285_square-trueLord of  The Rings….
2606576.jpg.size-285_maxheight-285_square-trueStar Wars…
2344928.jpg.size-285_maxheight-285_square-trueAnd my favourite, Minecraft!!!
2703183.jpg.size-285_maxheight-285_square-trueI like quite a lot the irony in building Minecraft with Lego sets. I mean, it’s like mixing together the best block-based games.
Now that Star Wars was review and all the games, it’s time for one of the things I liked more on this shop. They have lots and lots of things about Star Trek and… most of them from the original series (sorry buddies, but for me the original series is the better one… Kirk, Spock….).
After looking into the webpage I must say that these things are the basics (of course I want more than only these, but…).
First, Enterprise kit.
18329450.jpg.size-285_maxheight-285_square-trueHmmm I really like it… I think in the next months I’m going to spend too much money on that shop xD
Second. A Tribble!!! I mean… a Tribble!!! hahahahahahaha. It’s one of the most epic episodes.
17353210.jpg.size-285_maxheight-285_square-trueAnd… since I’m a physicist… and since I love badges… this must be mine.


And now what you have been waiting for, the T-shirts!!
Those are the ones I choose. How about you?


As long as I have already a Aperture ones and another from Weyland Yutami, I didn’t pick them, but I still didn’t have one from…


And this one because I have a similar ones that is getting old.

94218.jpg.size-285_maxheight-285_square-trueHmmm only 3… I was expecting quite a lot more… I think that is time for me to do a post about the web-page where I buy my T-shirts… Maybe next time.







Want more?





There is no more!!! (this time).