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Jurassic Park vs Jurassic World

The next video captures the essence of Jurassic Park and perfectly explains why the new movie born without a heart (as so many movies these days).


epow (Experiment project of the Week)

A group of scientist consider ageing as a disease and wants to treat it. The key solution? We don’t know yet, but what we know for sure is that regeneration will be an important part of the solution. Why some animals regenerate better than others? Why it is easier for them to recover completely from injuries, from amputated limbs… Why there is few examples among mammals? Wouldn’t be nice to come back from surgery without scars or permanent damage to internal organs? Solving these questions and others is the aim of the next project which is focused on one type of mammal that has the ability of regenerate. By backing this project you will contribute to expand your own life spam, isn’t it a good perspective to live more?

spiny mouse

epow (Experiment project of the Week)

The next project is aimed to collect data about how panic attack reflect on heart rate and respiratory rate. I think the idea of using a mobile phone to track the symptoms and possibly (in the future) help people with a panic attacks has great advantages, for instance, if it happens in the middle of the night, your phone is always at hand and can be a great help.


epow (Experiment project of the Week)

There is a problem with fertilizers, we use too much, increasing food costs and polluting at the same time. If we find out the right amount to be used, we can improve production and decrease damage to the environment at the same time. This is the reason why the next project is important.