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Fastest cars in Pop Culture

Thanks to J&S Transportation for putting this together.



How Far Can We Go?

Kurzgesagt has done it again with a very interesting video about the expansion of the universe and the visible horizon running away from us faster than the speed of light.

Bret Victor and the visual comunication of science.

Not long ago, I came across a very nice simulation that described very well Why do buses bunch? That simulation belonged to the project Setosa, which main objective is to promote the visual communication of science.

Following that trend, I discovered another programmer that is also producing some very nice simulations. Its name? Bret Victor.

bret victor“purveyor of impossible dreams”

If you explore Bret’s webpage, you will find interesting exploration/simulation programs. Like the road bending simulation.

In this simulation there is a self-driving car that has to stay on the road despite a turn in the road. The parameters you can play with are the angle at which the road bends and how big is the angle the car uses for correction when it detects that is not over the road.

road bendsBut most important, you will discover some good talks and videos about the importance of good communication and how the new technologies can give us the power to effectively communicate our ideas or our results.

Ok. If you have read this far, probably you want to try something yourself.

The JavaScript library that Bret refers to is called d3. You can download d3 and see examples here.

For instance… Conway’s game of life.

conwayor a collision detector.

collisionOr…. visualize the stock exchange market.


By the way, if you need to refresh JavaScript o need some SVG to combine with d3… the best place for learning is the w3schools.